What is Astrology ?

Your  Astrology  chart  is  a  mirror  which  reflects  your  soul  and  it's  destiny.  It reveals

the secrets  of  your  own  unique  character  and  vocation.  When  we  get  caught  up  in 

the merry - go -  round  of  daily  living,  we  can  become  like  sleepwalkers,  and  forget  

our  reason  for  being.  Thus,  occasionally,  you  need  to  look  in  the  mirror  to remind

yourself  of  what  you  always  knew.


Astrology  means  time  by  the  stars,  and  the  stars  move  round  in  revolving  circles.

Time  unfolds  in  circles  or  cycles.  Thus  you  can  view  your  life  within  the  context  

of  ever - changing  cycles,  and  try  to  attune  yourself  to  them.  Your  Astrology  chart

shows  you  what  particular  cycle  you  are  experiencing  at  any  moment.  It  helps  you

to  listen  to,  and  trust,  your  own  unique  rhythm.



                                                The  services  which  I   offer


Individual  Chart  Reading    Forecasting     Relationship  Charts   Quarterly  Newsletter


Individual  chart  reading    This looks at  your personal astrology,  your  character  and

psychological  make - up.  It describes  your  inner  essential  Self, as  well  as  your  outer

personality  --  your  physical,  emotional,  mental  and  spiritual  nature.


Your  character  is  your  destiny.  Your outer  world  is an  expression  of  your  innermost

Self.      Thus  your chart  highlights  all  aspects  of  your  life,  including  love  and

relationships ;  career  and  finances ;   home  and  family ;   education ;   creativity  ; 

group  and  community  involvement ;   travel ;   spiritual  life.


Your  astrology  chart  describes  your  inner  and  outer  worlds.  Know  yourself,  know  your  



Forecasting    This  examines  the  Astrological  trends  over  the  next  2 - year  period of

your life.    


Your  chart  will  show  what  particular  cycles  of  growth  you  personally  are  

experiencing  at  present, and  over  the  coming  years.  It  thus  helps  you  to  focus

on  the  areas  of  development  which  are  currently  being  activated  for  you.


Relationship  charts    This  is  known  as  Synastry  or  chart  comparison,   and  examines

how  compatible  you  are  with  another.


It  reveals  how  you  are  interacting  with  your  partner  --  physically,  emotionally,

mentally,  and  spiritually.     


It   includes  family  dynamics,  revealing  the  patterns  inherent  within  a  family.


If   you  would  like  a  reading,  please  email  me  on    mariannedix@virginmedia.com  or



Quarterly  newsletter    


This  focusses  on  the  quarterly  equinoxes, the  lunation  cycle,  and  the  eclipses.

It also  highlights any  outstanding  planetary  activities  during  each  quarter.